Thursday, December 01, 2005

Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Finished plowing through You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business" by Barry Moltz.

I would like to tell you this book is kinda like "Chicken Soup for the entrepreneurial Soul" except for the fact that I believe book already exists and is probably full of heartwarming cheeseball anecdotes meant to warm the cockles of your heart and help you sleep at night (like the rest of those god awful hokey books).

This book is more like "Bucket of Cold Water Dumped on You at 5:30 Am While You Are Sleeping". It's chocked full of little tidbits of knowledge that make anyone who has ever lived off the edge of their credit cards while starting their business re-live the experiences. This book will make you thank what ever god it is to which you pray that you have a loving, supportive and reasonable spouse who has the good sense to keep a steady job.

Bottom line, building a business is fucking hard, let me repeat that.......FUCKING HARD. You sweat, you cry, you grovel, you manipulate, you do things that are morally questionable. If you don't believe me, read the book. In fact, I think business schools should get rid of their ethics course and put in a reality course - get entrepreneurs to come in and tell the class horror stories about the way life works when money, not grades are involved.

The book is a perfect read for anyone running their own business, not someone "thinking" about starting their own business. Why? Well in addition to being an easy read (good for time crunched business owners), it lets business owners know that the "rough patch" they are going through is universal and the truth is that if someone always tells you that things are always wonderful they are either a liar or delusional. It is a great portable support group - "Entrepreneurs Anonymous" if you will.

Despite what they try to teach you in school, business is not an academic exercise. Do not read this book expecting to find answers, read this book expecting to find out that running a business is a "roll up the sleaves, get your hands dirty, holy shit I could go bankrupt" adventure. Do not take my word for it, spend a few bucks and buy the book.

I disagree with Moltz on the idea of "if you want money, get a job" - if you want short term money, get a job.

And remember, "the worst they can do is eat you and that's illegal" (my second favorite business quote)

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Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said...

Awesome review. Perfect fit with Amazon (syke).

Great to see you got in touch with Barry.

I think you'll like Paul Kedrosky's LoebWire.

Daniel Loeb has a attitude for doing business, that you might appreciate.


12:35 PM  
Anonymous Izzy G. (king win exxon!) said...

phenominal post!

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Barry Moltz said...

BTW..the book was almost called "Entrepreneurs' Anonymous"!
Great call!

11:33 AM  

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