Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Book That I Wanted to Write

A perfect example of the fact that "Someone else has already stolen your idea"

A few weeks back I was asked to review the book "You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business" by Barry Moltz.

And going against a promise I made to myself to never again read a "business book", I agreed.

I am currently about halfway through the book and for the most part, it was the book I wanted to write, except mine would have had a lot more profanity and grizzly details about the dynamics of business relationships.

From what I have read, this book gives a very accurate account of what it is like to go beyond the "tire kicking" phase of starting a business, the only drawback is, that with most things that have to be experienced to be understood, if you haven't had the experience of founding a business (Yes, founding, not being an early employee at a small young company - which may make you dumber/crazier than the founder of the business - but actually putting up your own money, assets and reputation) then you may not see the value of the book. This isn't a knock against the book, but rather a fact of life. I could read all of the books out there about the wonders of needlepoint, but since I don't have any experience with needlepoint, all of the reading in the world won't help me understand or appreciate it.

For me the value of this book comes in knowing either that, "Wow, I am not a total screw up, lots of people go through what I go through to run a business" or "Wow, there are a lot of screw ups out there, just like me". It just depends on the moment

When I finish plowing through the book, I will have a full "review"


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