Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Um, ya we are going to be a little tight next week......

is there anything we can do about it?" my client asked during a leisurely weekend phone call.

"Yes, there are two things you can do about," I responded. "Either generate some more invoices or start collecting some of your outstanding ones. In fact, forget the first one. Go out and collect some cash that you are owed. Just because we are financing your invoices, doesn't mean you should start forgetting about getting your invoices paid. I am not your father and we are not talking about giving you an advance on your $20 a week allowance here. I am sitting on like $40,000 worth of holdbacks to you guys. I assume that $40,000 in your pocket would make you a little less tight. No?

Now pick up the phone, call your clients and tell them you want your fucking money. Because if you don't do it, I will. And for what ever reason, no matter how polite I am with someone's clients, feathers always get ruffled."


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