Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Morning Musings

  • Why I swim in the shallow end of the financing pool - Huge Flood of Capital Spurs Risk Taking [WSJ - Subscription required] - Some financial pundits (well ok, maybe just me) have claimed that we have moved from the industrial age to the technological age and now to the financial age, where the only thing you need to have to make money, is money, so some smart people, playing with huge amounts of other people's money, are starting accept higher risk and lower returns - proof that sometimes you need more than money. Are we looking at another bubble? Aren't we always? Aren't I always saying this? Oh well, a broken clock is right twice a day, which is more than most people are. The moral of the story - stay on message, it will eventually sound good.

  • Another cram down in action? Troubled Maker of Heart Devices May Lose Suitor [NYTIMES] - Could see a $10-$15 per share cut in J&J's offer just because of a few little legal issues. Who would be worse off than Guidant shareholders? People who have Guidant cardiac devices implanted in their chests. Wow, if you fall into both of those categories...........just wow. Let's just say if I were you, I would stay inside for a few days, for fear of an anvil or baby grand piano falling on your head or some other unlikely twist of fate.

  • Someone is not paying him enough, either that or no one has threatened his family, not sure which - Libby expected to plead not guilty [Reuters]. In a scenario that seems almost cannibalistic, you would think that no one in the current Bush administration would want this guy to sing, but rather cop a plea, cut a deal and Libby writes another book when he gets out of jail and goes on the lecture circuit


Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said...

Yeah...there was a running joke about this.

America should just focus on what it does best and retrain all the farmers to be hedge fund managers.

It's a vision of America acting as the financial planner for the rest of the world.

It's all bullshit thought. The four factors of production are't going anywhere.

12:44 AM  

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