Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Morning News Scan

Proof that even commodity traders don't fully understand risk diversification - Lifting the Lid: Rogers' banner year threatened by Refco [Reuters] - Dude, you kept all of your funds at one brokerage? Let this be a less to all of you, risk comes in many flavors. There is market risk, operational risk........yes, Mr Rogers, operational risk.

Wanted: Policital Viagra - Conservatives soar in poll after Canadian scandal [Reuters] - So anyone think the "Tories" can keep it up? Truth is, I am not a Liberal fan, but I dislike them less than Stephen "Pasty White Hope" Harper.

I wouldn't worry about people finding lower prices, I would worry about them finding out how you treat suppliers. - Just Googling It Is Striking Fear Into Companies [NYTimes] - Walmart soils itself over Google's ability to make infromation free (I am now on their hit list for this post- Ed.)


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