Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lawyers have great blogs

Take a read of the Anonymous Lawyer, its biting, it's cutting, but alas, it is anonymous. It would be funnier if he at least put his name on that would be risky. I have to start writing more about the people around me. The only difference will be that I actually put my name on it. One of the advantage of running your own show.

But hey, it all comes down to what you like more, pain or drudgery. While often confused, there is a big difference. If you need it explained to you, then you have
only experienced drudgery.

So, yes, I will start insulting my clients, but more than likely I will be cutting up the potential clients, like the guy who told us he would like to borrow money from us, but because he has a limited liability corporation, he will not guarantee it. Or better yet, the people who call me up or send me an email asking me for money like I am a charity.................I am not a charity!

None of you are safe........


Blogger Mukil Krishnasamy said...

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8:55 PM  
Blogger Josh Kerbel said...

So it turns out that the anonymous lawyer is really a non-anonymous Harvard law student..........still funny shit

5:14 PM  

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