Tuesday, November 01, 2005

From the "Glad it's not my money" Department

  • So, I just bet my rent on this 2 legged horse to win the Kentucky derby - Settlement Reached on Motorola - Zafirovski Lawsuit -[Nortel] - "The terms of the settlement provide that Zafirovski cannot disclose Motorola trade secrets or confidential information, and Zafirovski and Nortel have agreed for a specified period to refrain from hiring or recruiting Motorola employees under certain circumstances. The settlement also includes restrictions, until July 1, 2006, on Zafirovski's communications with certain specified companies, some of which are Nortel customers, and limitations on his ability to advise Nortel on competitive strategy or analysis relative to Motorola for a defined period. Zafirovski will also repay Motorola US $11.5 million, which is part of his separation payment from Motorola, and Nortel has agreed to fully reimburse Zafirovski for this repayment. " - so for the next few year this guy is a pretty expensive janitor.

  • UAL Reports $1.8 Billion Loss [CFO.com] - another example of why being a supplier to large, poorly run companies sucks. Future suppliers should also take heed of this portion of the story: "UAL — whose restructuring is 'largely complete,' according to chief financial officer Jake Brace — is reportedly forecasting a profit in 2006 for the first time since 2000. The AP observed, however, that this forecast assumes that crude-oil prices will average $50 a barrel — more than $10 below the current price." - I am pretty sure that this doesn't need any additional commentary.

  • I bet he joins the Carlyle Group - Russian president won't seek third term [Seattle Post]- either that or he just decides to "take" a third term, Hosny Mubarak "President for Life" Style.


Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said...

"Bet he joins the Carlyle group". Ha! That's a good one.

That, or go into consulting.

VVP's Guide for "How to Come from Nowhere and Become the President".

12:37 AM  

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