Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The First Year (so you thought the grass was greener on the other side)

And you went out on your own,
Out of choice?
Out of necessity?
Out of insanity?
To build a business.

You've sweated the sleepless nights.
You've pondered where the next client will come from.
You've thanked god that your spouse isn't a moron like you.

You weren't one of the chosen ones,
anointed with free money to build the next technological Hindenburg,
Every cent you've gathered, you've paid for with your blood.
Every day, you confront the possibility of death by a thousand paper cuts.

You were a metal cutter, a die maker, a good old fashion salesman or maybe someone with dream,
To be their own person, to be their own man.
To go through life standing on their own two feet,
Never needing a sycophant's plan.

You tried the corporate thing, you put your time in for someone else.
They promised you security in return for your soul, but you didn't fall for it.
You didn't drink the corporate "Kool-Aid".
You were so smart. Right?

So somehow you made it through your first year.
Yes, your credit card bills are high,
But that is a only a short term problem you tell yourself.
Until next month they get higher.

Sometimes when you are standing in the shower,
You stop and think, am I fucking crazy?
And then you read things like this,
And wonder, "am I the only sane person?"

You try to remember,
Short term pain,
Long term gain.
But that short term pain keeps rolling over,
Much like those credit card balances.

And you meet with your lender,
That coward,
"Get out from behind that desk and try running a business", you think, as you grind your teeth and say "thank you".

Every time you close your eyes,
You have this image of yourself, 10 years down the line;
"How did you do it?", they all ask to your face.
But you hear the comments behind your back,
You didn't deserve success, you were just lucky.
And you long to be bad-mouthed.

Most have no clue about the risks you took.
They just see the rewards.
Most people went they easy way,
Took the "great" job early on.
Bought the car, the house,
Now they are a victim of their lifestyle,
But it doesn't stop them from trying to knock you down.
You look at them and laugh.

They didn't want to know you when you were poor,
When you were hungry, when you would do anything to survive.
But now you are rich, you can afford morals and ethics.

And to those few who helped you out along the way,
The friend who lent you $10,000,
The supplier who let you slide a few extra days,
You offer your thanks.

But to the rest, the people who slammed the door in your face,
Lacked the courtesy to return a phone call.
Fuck You!


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