Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Does anyone else

find it funny when politicians, or worse yet, political pundits, critisize one another (or anyone for that matter) for playing politics? Case(s) in point:

Goodale accused Canaccord Capital Corp., of playing "partisan politics" and following the wishes of Opposition Conservatives with its call for Canadians to lobby their MPs to fight Goodale's plans to reform the sector: Income trust complaints partisan, misleading: Goodale [Montreal Gazette]

In typical partisan and Monday morning quarterback fashion, Senator Reid proclaimed: "We know that there were no [weapons of mass destruction] now in Iraq. We didn't know it at the time. We know now that we didn't know at the time that there was no Al Qaeda connection. We know now that we didn't know then that there was no 9/11 connection. We know now that they had no plan for winning the peace. We didn't know that at the time: Senate Democrats: Past Shameless, Near Seditious []

What is politics if it is not partisan?

Isn't this a little like critisize some for doing their job?

Maybe I am simple.

Just a thought


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