Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Baby Sitter

That is how I feel sometimes.

I babysit grown people, men mostly (Damn, I wish I had some female clients, they are probably smarter than the guys). I use to tell people that when it comes to entrepreneurship, the dumber the better, that way they stay blissfully ignorant to all of the potential risks they are facing. I used to think the saying went "Too smart for your own good", now I think it should be "Too dumb for your own good". I have answered my own question, yes, you can be too dumb. I guess like all things in life, there is a happy medium somewhere. Maybe I am the happy medium? The jury is still out on that one as I too could be "too dumb for my own good"

It is frustrating. Not looking for pity, just stating a fact.

Every entrepreneur goes through rough times and cash crunches. Multiply that by the number of companies we finance, and that is the number of times, I go through it. Most of the time I can handle it. Sometimes I get shaken.

The problem is that it is the small things that set you off. It's not the numbskulls who don't understand there are only 100 cents in a dollar, you have to keep your patience with them, although sometimes yelling is the only way to get through. It's not the fabricator who can't seem to get a schematic diagram right, despite the fact that this is part of their job. You just keep harassing them until they get it right (yes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease). It that annoying dog that your partner insists on bringing to your office or even worse its your spouse, who has just asked you for a little help around the house that sets you off.

One of the problems with all of the "information" about running and growing a business is that it is all glammed-up bullshit. It leaves out all of the nasty interpersonal details, the screwings, the lies, the conflicts and that is just from your friends :) You read the average "entrepreneurship" magazine and if you have any experience starting and running/building a smaller business, you would swear that whoever they were interviewing and whoever was doing the writing was smoking crack. From time to time, people ask me if there are any books they should read about improving their business. I usually tell them to read the Bible (New or Old testament, doesn't really matter). They ask why. Because sooner or later, every business owner has to pray.

On a lighter note, have you ever wondered why bank guards and armored car personnel (Brinks trucks et al.) carry guns? I mean after all, these guys probably make close to minimum wage, transport/protect money that isn't theirs to keep and all of the money they do protect is insured against theft. Would you pull a gun on someone if you were a bank guard and all they wanted was money?

No, I am not contemplating bank robbery, just silly things I see.


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