Monday, October 24, 2005

Your Own Personal Walmart

-Rumor has it that the next step for Walmart is to build a mini-Walmart into every new home built in North America starting in 2006 and starting in 2010 Walmart will roll out "In-Vivo-Walmart" that will be implanted in the wombs of all pregnant women so their children start life off the Walmart way. Another rumor was that Walmart just canned their advertising agency for coming up with the following hook "Walmart, we are everywhere, kinda like cockroaches"

Wal-Mart to open 270 to 280 supercenters - Reuters

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc. plans to open 270 to 280 supercenters in the next fiscal year and add more than 60 million square feet to its total retail space, an increase of more than 8 percent.
The world's biggest retailer, which faces increasing opposition to its rapid expansion, particularly in urban areas, said it would open between 20 and 30 discount stores, which are smaller than the supercenters and do not include a full line of groceries (continued...)


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