Thursday, October 20, 2005

You think that somebody would have thought of this issue

-More proof that companies don't fuck up, management fucks them up. Tearing a quote out of Dilbert - talk about blinding flashes of the obvious; No one thought that this guy had a non-compete clause in his deal with Motorola? Not the Board, not the headhunters? Not the lawyer who negotiated Zafirovski's agreement with Nortel?
Whether or not the non-comp agreement is enforceable is another issue, but it looks like this could be another chapter for the book "Bumbling in Brampton: The Nortel Story.

Incoming Nortel CEO Zafirovski sued by Motorola - Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nortel Networks Corp.'s incoming president and chief executive, Mike Zafirovski, has been sued by Motorola Inc., his former employer, the companies said on Wednesday.

The lawsuit, which does not name Nortel as a defendant, alleges Zafirovski broke agreements by accepting the top position with Nortel and that his new role will inevitably result in the disclosure of Motorola's trade secrets (continued...)

-What more can you say about Nortel........The company that keeps peeing on itself and believes that it is raining. Where is John Roth when you need him? Probably with John Hunkin.............laughing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who really needs to do background checks? He's one of the old boys. They never do any wrong...

10:20 AM  

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