Sunday, October 16, 2005

So Guess Who Got Himself a Pulpit

Me, that's who!

Mark November 4, 2005 on you calendars kiddies as that is the day that Josh Kerbel is being unleashed on unsuspecting business students at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Yes, it is true, someone was crazy enough to give me an hour in front of a group of business students "lecturing" on the topic of alternative business financing.

So, I have some time to plan for the event. I figured that I would shed some light on the realities of financing a business and the actual mechanics of how it is done (yes, the paper would think that they cover this stuff in business school, but from my experience they don't) and some of the pitfalls and scams to be avoided.

ha ha ha!


Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said...

Man! Better watch out, next thing's it's gonna be Dr. Kerbel and there'll be a tuition fee for reading Doigthadeal.

Well done Josh. The world would appreciate your take on things. I sure do.

Gonna put the slides online? Jut a thought.

- Dedicated reader.

P.S. The pictures are beaut! errr...not sure what to make of the cat though, sure is trippy ;)

8:42 PM  
Blogger Josh Kerbel said...

A funny thing happened to josh on the way to running a factoring company (after finishing his MBA in 2001).....he spent 4 years in school to be come a chiropractor (graduated in June 1998 and retired from practice in July of 2001 at the ripe old age of 28) technically it is already Dr. Kerbel (In Canada and the US that is)
The only place the Dr. shows up these days is on the credit cards.....will post the slide and the notes.


10:17 PM  

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