Sunday, October 23, 2005

Snuz for a Sunday

  • As much as I dislike Trump, I admire the guy for putting it all on the line. Dislike his hair, love his balls - What is he really worth? NY Times (Registration Required - Free) (The thing that is reassuring about this guy is that you always know what to expect - hype).
  • How is this for social teaching social responsiblity - repeat after me "DON'T BREAK THE FUCKING LAW!" Do you really need to teach this to people in graduate school? - Ivey Lauded for Social Responsiblity - The Globe and Mail
  • Oh No! Broadway ticket prices are rising! Now the middle class are going to have choose between eating and watered down culture for the dim (Here's a quarter - call someone who cares) - The Great Green Way - Wall Street Journal


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