Monday, October 24, 2005

People for Sale! People for Sale!

-Hey maybe there is some hope for the new auction ventures I have been working on, and

Babies for sale on eBay site in China, says report

By: Sumner Lemon
IDG News Service (Taipei Bureau) (21 Oct 2005)
Authorities in Shanghai are investigating the attempted sale of babies on eBay Inc.'s auction site in China, the official China Daily newspaper reported Thursday.

A seller using the name "Chuangxinzhe Yongyuan" claimed the babies were being offered to help infertile couples and would come from China's Henan province, the China Daily report said. Baby boys were priced at 28,000 renminbi (US$3,454) while baby girls were offered for 13,000 renminbi, the newspaper reported, citing an eBay executive (continued...)


Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said...

read a similar thing today....

organised prostitution syndicates are stealing Kashmiri and Pakistani children orphaned by the earthquake, straight from hospitals.

with all the mayhem, there is no one to keep an eye on the kids, let alone provide for them. it's quite terrible.

guess how the Government is reacting? there is a flood of offers to adopt...but because they can't tell which ones are genuine and which ones are malicious, they're putting a ban on adopting all of these poor children.

reminds me of Armenia.

4:26 PM  

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