Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Business Funnies - I mean News

  • Note to self, learn to say I am going to kill you in a politically correct way - Iran seeks to soften Ahmadinejad comment on Israel [Reuters] - Hey maybe Neil French (former world wide creative director of WPP) can help these guys out with a feel good marketing campaign, I hear he has some time on his hands. Judging from this AFP article, it could be quite a challenging job

    Hard times in the land of plenty, some got it all, some ain't got any - Analyst Takes Contrarian Google View [WSJ] - A piece of advice (free, for what its worth) - it's hard to swim upstream when you run a one man research shop, so just give up and join the herd. Face the facts, no one cares about discounted cash flow valuations, until they realize there is no cash flow. "Relative Value" valuation - kiss my ass!

  • Um, ya, sure? Oil-for-food documents 'falsified': Russia [AFP] - this coming from a country that just arrested one of its tax inspectors for conspiring to accept a $1 million bribe. Here is a tip (and you listen too USA), the key to being a successful liar, politician, businessman (or spouse?) is to tell the truth 90% of the time.


Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said...

"Feel-good" marketing campaign!

What a crack-up ;)

This is a good theme to stick with. I've only got a funny tech site at but I'll try to blog funny stuff more often.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Canadian Headhunter said...

Coupla things:

1. The CBS news site you link to says Neil French has been a debt collector, trainee matador and rock-band agent. If that's even half true, he's going to land on his feet. In fact, I hear he's been invited to Larry Summers' ranch this weekend.

2. Did you see that CBS News has a link to Maxim's Women of the Year in its left hand sidebar. That's Infotainment. And, what's wrong with that?

3.Didn't you mean Iran wants to "step up" its anti-Israel statements? Anything less would be politically incorrect.

5:35 PM  

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