Thursday, September 22, 2005

So I got this email........(aka I wouldn't hire an fresh MBA with your money)

from the dean of the business school I went to, Schulich School of Business, tell me about how well the school did on a recent WSJ survey.

My thoughts, big fucking deal. I can say that having wasted a few years doing (and finishing) my MBA. If your idea of being "in business" is drawing a "good salary" (what ever it is you consider good), then darling, you ain't "in business". Being in business means sweating it out trying to meet payroll, keeping your overhead bare bones and playing with real money, not the treasury of some national or multinational corporation (money is not just a few numbers on a page followed by a bunch of zeros). Being in business means knowing how to play 3 hands of poker at once at three different tables, all with different rules. Climbing the corporate ladder is much different than being in business. While both are a skill, the more I see, the more I am begining to think that they are mutually exclusive. Being in business means that you usually don't have someone else to pin the blame on when things go wrong.

Being in business means that you cannot always take the moral or ethical high road. Take a look back through history and you will see that the most successful people are often not the most ethical, but guess what, that is life, regardless of what they try to teach in business school ethics class. What I am getting at is that sometimes in business you have to do what you have to do. I am not talking about criminal activity, but lets face it people act in their own self interest. Having been on the "short end" of other people's legal, but unethical behavior, I can safely say, yes it sucks, but that is part of the game. How "ethical" is it for companies like Altria, which sell a product known to cause cancer in its users, to spout this sort of crap.

Ah, what can you say about Schulich, the school that with approximately 9000 alumni in the Toronto area that could not put together a Toronto alumni chapter (I can speak from experience as I was part of the "organizing" committee), but can some how manage to have its "homecoming" for 2005 in Shanghai.


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