Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Why Micro Finance is So Difficult

It's really quite simple.............2 interrelated reasons really:

  1. Small/Microbusiness (say under 2 million a year in revenue) are often quite disorganized). From a legal point of view a company must have all of its ducks in a row before I can advance funds...........resolutions, minute books, tax claims, liens, registrations, solicitor's opinions............should I go on
  2. No one likes losing money, well at least I don't. Therefore I am just as hands on in dealing with smaller amounts as I am with larger amounts, so it gets pretty time intensive.

Unless you have actually lived through this, you think that finance is just about cutting a cheque and hoping to get it back. I am still waiting for the day when someone comes in and tells me their business is a mess, books non existent and shoe box bookkeeping least I will know what I am dealing with right from the beginning.


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