Thursday, August 11, 2005

There's a hole in the pension dear liza, dear liza

With what should we plug it?

The Globe and Mail: Stelco says union plan would kill firm
You know what I would love to see one of the Canadian
dailies pick up on.......

The fees and costs associated with this 19 month corporate
melodrama from all of the parties involved in this transaction.

Let see, you would probably have:

Legal Fees for every party to the restructuring. I am sure by now
even the lawyers have their own lawyers
Lender's fees along with the cost of financing (and the lender's lawyers)
Accountants (and their lawyers)
Trustees (and their lawyers)

I wonder if all of these fees are coming out of Stelco (Duh?) Ya think that some of these
fees could help plug the alleged hole in the pension?

I love watching executives spend other people's money.


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