Friday, August 19, 2005

Self Improvement

I've never really been into the whole self improvement thingy...............I'm good enuff thanks.

Just goofing on you.

Actually I have had a little bit of a projection going with myself for the last while, to stop using the word "Hate" in casual conversation, except where it is fitting, like "I hate nazis" or "I hate pedophiles", in short, something worth hating. My reason for doing this is that I took a step back from myself and realized how negative I sounded and thought it was a time for a change, especially because I felt there was a large connection between how I talk and how I feel.

So now I don't "hate" when this or that happens, unless it is something like getting hit by a car or a falling object, such as an anvil. That deserves to be hated.

So, as my darling wife can attest, I have mastered my "hate" and am moving on to my next project.................stop drinking pop, not that I drink a lot of it, but that crap is just no good. Give me about a month and I should have kicked that habit too. This one I am doing for lil'guy (so he won't start drinking the stuff) and myself (stop rotting my gut).

Baby steps tough guy, baby steps.


Anonymous Canadian Headhunter said...

The little guy is going to drink pop. I guarantee it. Also, it's pretty easy to never use the word hate and yet be full of resentment. Just like it's easy to say "I'm gonna kill that guy." and never mean it.

2:23 PM  

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