Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sanitize Your Blog

Came across this little diddy on corporate blogging. Not quite sure how blogging can be "cutting edge" if you take all of the "edge" out of it (let's make this boring and vanilla so that no one gets offended). No?

If you don't piss somebody off, it means no one is paying attention!


Anonymous Canadian Headhunter said...

I posted an entry last week that was clearly meant as a joke. Too bad nobody got it. That led to the most comments on one posting we've ever had.

Joel Spolsky agrees with you on humour. Get too frightend of offending and you can kiss your creativity goodbye.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Josh Kerbel said...

I assume you are talking about the one in which you discuss - Has blogging peaked?

7:37 AM  

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