Monday, August 29, 2005

Our new venture


We are keeping it under wraps until we are ready to launch, however if I was to use some VC/Corporate is a home accessory play aimed at fashion conscious segment of the market.

Kowtowing (I am of the belief that this term is non-offensive. If I am wrong, please accept my humble apologies) to the current trends in internet marketing, we have integrated a blog into the website, however unlike many "corporate" blogs, it will be interactive. Far too often I come across blogs that are strictly one way channels and I personally don't see the differentiation between these sorts of blogs and "traditional" websites. Am i taking some risk here, possibly, but that is life.

While will be launching a print campaign, we (attempted to at least) named and designed the site (and the product) in such a way that it should be relatively easy to optimize it for search engines and a high Google page rank due to the fact that the text anchor for links should be the same text as the URL for the site.


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