Monday, August 01, 2005

Our new corporate mascot

As part of our expansion strategy, Da' Thack has brought on a corporate mascot, the Ass.

This is not a rip off of the Democrat's donkey (go figure that one out) but rather a clay statue of the human posterior. I'll post a picture of it shortly. This statue has been in my family for at least twenty years and has been passed around almost all of the members of my immediate family with the exception of my sister.

"Josh", you may say. "This doesn' t really sound like a symbol that any reputable business venture would associate itself with."

Ah grasshopper, there is meaning to the madness, I promise you. You see there is symbolism behind the Ass. It serves as a reminder to me, and should to anyone else who runs a business, whether you do 100K a year in sales or 100 million, that at any time, events can occur that can result in you having your ass handed to you on a silver platter. The moral of the story is, consider the consequences of your action and the impact they will have on your future.

This is especially relevant for smaller businesses, that are often penny wise and pound foolish.

I'll work on coming up with a snappy motto to go along with the Ass, but you should get the idea............Don't be an Ass! (in fact, that may work as a motto)

Let the Ass be your reminder.


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