Friday, August 05, 2005

News of the Day

  • You messed up, but keep our money. Sources close to CIBC say that they don't believe that the bank has any legal basis to get Hunkin to forfeit pay/bonus. I didn't realize you could have an inept idiot clause in a contract. - Globe and Mail
  • Another new CEO left holding the bag, this time at Daimler Chrysler. A major corporation bribing foreign officials? Repeat after me, The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act hurts big business (we want to keep the bribery money in the US, its good for the economy ya know!)... MarketWatch
  • Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, so with the story about the TSX composite index passing the Dow. Why is this a story? The two indexes are not calculated the same way and they don't measure the same things. Hey the Nikkei is sitting at close to 12,000 and has been over 28,000........but who cares! . Why is this even a story? This story epitomizes the Canadian business mentality.............we think we are really important! Globe and Mail
  • Space jalopy - More issues with the shuttle Discovery. A very apt name for the shuttle as they are currently "discovering" how some duct tape repairs will work in space and more importantly, on re-entry. Definitely not a place I would like to be right now. Best of luck on the return flight - Boston Globe
  • And on the internal front, someone else just tried to pull a fast one on us. I seem to get 1 bogus deal for every 2 or 3 legitimate deals across my desk. Am I swimming in the shallow end of the financing pool?


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