Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Goings on at Da' Thack

  • New venture is getting there. Have the website almost up, waiting for pictures. Bank documents have been signed, now have to get them to the credit card people. Logistics is becoming an issue. Insurance needs to be finalized
  • Got asked to give a guest lecture to a class at Ryerson University on Astrophysics and Black Holes.................just kidding...............Bootstrap/Alternative finance for business. The course instructor was a former instructor of mine when I did my MBA at York. His was one of, well probably the only worthwhile course in business school. The one thing I hope to hit on is the actual mechanics of financing since most business students don't have a clue about the actual processes.
  • Found a way to get free drinks at Starbucks. Have the person behind the counter spill one on you.


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