Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dear Willie, Kathleen, David and..........

whoever else is sending me these emails:

Dear Homeowner,

You have been pre-approved for a $402,000 Home Loan at a 3.45% Fixed Rate.
This offer is being extended to you unconditionally and your credit is in no way a factor.

To take Advantage of this Limited Time opportunity all we ask is that you visit our
Website and complete the 1 minute post Approval Form.

I get about 15 of these things a week. From what I can tell, these are used to generate leads that are then sold to mortgage brokers. I am still trying to figure out who responds to them. The other thing I am trying to figure out is how many times is each lead sold to a different mortgage broker. I may have to fill out an application and see how many calls I get.


Blogger Dave Opton said...

Don't touch that send button! When I was shopping for a mortgage last year, I made the mistake of filling out a form on one of the sites where the "banks come to you." The emails multiply worse than rabbits, and I am still getting them.

At first I got a couple of replies from real banks, all very professional. Then it started to build to the point where, even with an "A" rated SPAM blocker, I still see stuff coming in with subject lines that just get more juvenile by the day.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Josh Kerbel said...

Thanks for the advice........i get so much spam that it probably would not make a difference.

A funny spam story. I am about to give a presentation to a group of professionls. My computer crashes.......get it up and running and for some reason, I must have hit the email icon and my inbox pops up, full of porn spam, on a presentation screen.

Everyone starts response........"If I had any shame, I would be embarrassed" and I carry on with my presentation.

No one forgot the presentation!

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I WAS THERE FOR THAT PRESENTATION - The comments were like, "Josh, has your mother ever seen your in-box?" and "So is this what you claim occupies your office time? etc." It was about 60 seconds of in-the-face spam porn and Josh did not flinch. Cool cat.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


From: bigshit @

11:14 AM  

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