Monday, August 15, 2005

The Big Play! (Web Site Optimization Part III)

So after our initial attempt at optimization of the Prescott Thackery site (with pretty decent results, I must add), I have decided to go for the big enchiladas, get the number one ranking for "Toronto Factoring". Right now I have a low first page ranking for that term. We are still showing well for the other search terms. Funny enough, we show higher for "Factoring Toronto" than "Toronto Factoring".

Just finished some more tweaking and we will keep an eye on where that takes us.

The next step is going to be changing hosting providers. Right now we use the Irun platform, which is pretty good for a techno-idiot like me, however they do not let you name your pages (it is done automatically) and this limits the amount of on-page optimization that one can do.


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