Thursday, July 07, 2005


As someone in the business of financing companies, I tie people up left, right and center with tons of legal clauses in the piles of paperwork that we use in documenting a deal.

Having said that, the only people I feel comfortable doing business with are those people who I trust because if that trust isn't there, all the legal documentation in the world won't save you from having your ass handed to you in a bad deal. While it may sound ironic, the only people who I actually like to finance are those who I would finance without any documentation. Having said that, much like high fences make good neighbours, good documents make for good lender/borrower relations.

It is with these people who I actually trust, I will give a bit more leeway than I would with a regular client. While this doesn't mean I acquiesce to their every request, it does mean that I am willing to help them out of a bad spot as long as they are up front and straight forward with me.


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