Friday, July 01, 2005

Third World Debt..........again

You just can't get away from this stuff.

Nigeria happy about debt relief but battles loom
01 Jul 2005 13:38:33 GMTSource: Reuters
By Estelle Shirbon

LAGOS, July 1 (Reuters) - Nigeria's government is euphoric after securing debt relief from its biggest creditors, but the pressure is on to produce benefits for a sceptical population used to seeing the nation's wealth squandered and stolen.
The Paris Club of rich lenders said on Thursday it had agreed in principle on a debt relief package for Africa's most populous nation in what President Olusegun Obasanjo hailed as "one of the pillars of success of this administration"...

My question is what plans do Bob Geldof and Bono have for dealing with
corruptions and malfeasance in the governments of these third world
countries on whose behalf they are pleading with the developed world
to forgive debt.

It looks like a few people in Africa may have the same question for Sir
Bob & Co.

'Bob who?' Geldof's Live 8 message lost on many skeptical east Africans

NAIROBI (AFP) - Twenty years after the landmark Live Aid concerts raised a small fortune to feed famine-hit Ethiopia, the message of pop star Bob Geldof's new endeavour for Africa is lost on many of those he intends to help.
As the world prepares for this weekend's star-studded, multi-city Live 8 shows to raise awareness of the continent's many plights, people across east Africa doubt the events will change their lives but hold out hope for change.
"Bob who? Never heard of him," said Makonen, a mechanic in Eritrea, the tiny poverty stricken nation perched on the Red Sea that in 1985 was part of Ethiopia and whose people received Live Aid assistance...
"A concert for Africa is a good idea, it might work," he added hopefully, recalling the earlier event. "East Africa especially needs help. The question is, will money go to the people or will governments use it to buy weapons?"


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