Sunday, July 03, 2005

So where did Canadian taxpayer money go ($55 million of it at least)

-Back in March, the government of Canada unearthed some issues with work that HP was doing for the Department of National Defence.

DND money will be recovered: PM
Globe and Mail Update
Thursday, March 11, 2004
The Liberal government expressed confidence Thursday that it will be able to recover the $160-million it has lost in a massive fraud that potentially goes back a decade.
Reports surfaced Wednesday that the Department of National Defence has asked Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. for a reimbursement after discovering a scheme involving fake invoices and subcontractors, unless HP can prove that work was actually done for the money...

Unfortunately, I missed this when it came out...

HP Agrees To Pay $105 Million To Canadian Government
May 14, 2004

Hewlett-Packard on Friday said it has agreed to pay the Canadian government $105 million to settle a dispute stemming from a criminal investigation of a Defense Department outsourcing contract.
In announcing the deal, the Palo Alto, Calif., company did not admit to any wrongdoing, noting that it inherited the contracts through its 2002 acquisition of Compaq Computer.
"HP determined that it was important for the company to honor its contractual obligations, rather than engage in protracted litigation with the government of Canada, despite the lack of evidence that HP employees derived any improper benefit from the scheme," the company said in a statement (continued)...

So where is the rest of the money? I could understand this sort of settlement in a civil suit, but we are talking criminal here. I hope the next time I defraud the government of $160 million, I get to keep $55 million and just walk away.


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