Saturday, July 02, 2005

So really, what make gambling gambling?

Even Poolside, Casinos Entice by Hand-Held

July 2, 2005
LAS VEGAS, July 1 - No more need to fret about all that wasted time waiting in line for the buffet at your favorite casino. Or those tedious talks in a convention room just a few yards from the casino floor. Help is on the way to make it possible to gamble any time - in fact - all the time (continued).............

-Originally designed for bond trading, these little nifty devices allow adrenaline junkies to get another dose of excitement. Perhaps the only thing more ironic than the concern over casino gambling via the internet (after all, no one has a problem with stock market gambling over the internet) is the fact that the last name of the president of the Nevada Resort Association, which represents the major casino companies, is Bible.


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