Sunday, July 31, 2005

Silly Corporate Slogans (Why it is silly to approve corporate initiatives while stoned)

I'm standing at the bank machine around 6:45 this morning (Lil' guy woke up at 5 and by 6:30 MOLG - Mother of Lil' Guy - wanted a latte from Fivebucks, I mean Starbucks, so off I went), when the TDCanadaTrust's slogan flashes across the screen:

- Banking can be this comfortable.

What? Does this actually mean anything? Banking can be as comfortable as standing at an ATM before 7 am on a Sunday morning without having gone to the bathroom yet? What in god's name is TD talking about?

Did someone in TD's marketing department get high before approving this slogan.......... it is one thing to smoke some weed to get creative and come up with some ideas, it is another to approve one while stoned. (What I am getting at is that lots of thing sound good while inebriated, but are really quite stupid when sober)

Another great example of this stoned/sober conundrum is the minivan. For about the first 10 years or so, minivan's only had a sliding door on one side of the car, making it difficult to access the far end of the back seat benches. then someone got the idea to put sliding doors on both sides of the a normal 4 door car...............go figure.

Bottom line..............Inebriation may be great for coming up with ideas, but vet them through a sober eye before execution.

Now that is something you will not read in any text book.


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