Monday, July 04, 2005

Rackin' up the National Credit Card in the Name of Charity

So it looks like the Italian government is hiving off some assets in order to deal with its national debt, which currently stands around 106% of GDP. This alone should be enough to put them on double secret probation with the EU.

So does it make much logical sense for a country in this position to be committing to a .7% of GDP target by 2015 for foreign aid spending.

Is this any different than borrowing money from a friend who thinks he is rich because he can make his minimum monthly debt servicing payments?

I'm in the planning stages of the Concert to Rescue First World Nations from National Debt.

The goal of the concert will be to pressure multinational corporations to stopping using tax haven and other strategies to minimize the amount of tax they have to cough up to governments around the world...........sounds smashingly silly doesn't it?


Anonymous Sun said...

Absolutely agree...This is senseless. It is absolutely silly

2:35 AM  

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