Saturday, July 02, 2005

Quick question.............

And the point is?
McKenna's militia takes on America's `Fox factor'
Ambassador arms Canadians in U.S. with facts, figures Begins campaign against negative image of Canada
WASHINGTON - Canada's ambassador to the United States marked Canada Day by embarking on an ambitious new goal - mobilizing more than a million Canadians in the U.S. to take their country's message to Americans (continued)....

-So let me get this straight, the idea is to get the over 1 million Canadians who have no voting rights in the US, unless they happen to be AMERICAN (which means that in most cases, they are not Canadian), to exert some influence on Washington so that Canada goes back to being thought of as a the place where "cold weather and Canadian bacon comes from".


Blogger Josh Kerbel said...

Mulling this over, would it perhaps make more sense to appeal to Americans who live in Canada and get them to lobby the US government and tell them how great Canada is.

At least American ex-pats have voting rights in the US

12:43 PM  

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