Monday, July 11, 2005

Plagiarism (Blagiarism: Copying blogs without identifiying the source?)

Look's like Fred Wilson is a little pissed that someone was lifting his work. Fully understand him getting pissed.

Me on the other, i'd be excited if someone thought I was worth copying............makes me an expert on something at least.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude, those photos in the right sidebar -- in the flickr preview box -- your son looks distressingly similar to John Rigas.

As for copying the blog entries -- we are awaiting final news on all the suspense-filled anecdotes that are ongoing -- especially the one with the $75k un-certified cheque. Then we will copy and cross-post you across the blogosphere.

-- SoRcerZ the hackr (aka w)

11:50 AM  

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