Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dealing with Liars

is similar to dealing with fools, except different. Both are an act and attempts to manipulate - one is an act of ommission, the other an act of commission.

A fool pretends not to understand, a liar says things they are know are false (a good liar tells the truth 90% of the time).

While I never pressure or question the fool, I grill the liar - I take careful notes and catch the liar in their lies. A good lie is a simple lie - minimizes the chance of getting caught.

Grill the liar, work on their sense of vanity and shame - they hate getting caught and being exposed. What ever you do, do not get mad and do not get emotional. Once a liar knows they are caught in a web, they will start getting aggresive and attacking you, trying to poke holes in your argument - that is when you know you have flustered them.

One of the last liars I dealt with, told me that if he didnt return a call by noon, I could call him a liar. So at 12:30, I picked up the phone and asked him if he was a liar, he said no. My response was, you said that if you didn't call me by noon, you were a liar, so are you a liar? This went on for about 10 minutes and by the end of it the guy was screaming like a lunatic, telling me that I shouldn't be calling him a liar and how dare I talk to him in that manner..........this was after hearing his lies for 2 weeks. The ability to get under the skin is a talent of mine!


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