Thursday, June 02, 2005

Those who do, do.............

and those who don't, write?

Could be the world according to Ned Goodman of the Dundee Group of Companies as he sounds off in today's Globe and Mail in regards to an article written by Derek DeCloet in yesterday's Globe and Mail about the Dundee Group of Companies.

While, Mr DeCloet claims that:

Most business journalists, like most investors, are committed capitalists. But they also know nothing destroys faith in the system like the appearance of nepotism and greed.

Maybe Mr. DeCloet should take a read of a some economic history and look at the lives of Carnegie, Rockafeller and JP Morgan (and many other)...........the capitalist system was built on nepotism and greed, just like every other social system. Business is a game and money is how you keep track of who is winning, that's it. It isn't a moral judegement. No one forces anyone to invest in Ned Goodman's companies.

Now Mr. Decloet, where is your bank charter?


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