Sunday, June 19, 2005

Things on the go for next week

Busy week ahead.................

  1. Wrap up the new deal that just came in friday. First time we are doing a construction deal, so it will be a learning experience. Hopefully, I will learn more about construction, and my clients will learn how to fill out paper work! The goal is to have them funded by Friday!
  2. Gotta finalize everything with our product launch. I would at least like to get the website up and running and do some presales after the samples go out. Seeing as how we dont have a good idea of the potential of the product, we have to keep our minds open about distribution.
  3. Also meeting with some web designer/marketing person who cold called my office this week. I have a policy of meeting with everyone who wants to meet with me. While I cannot promise anyone business, building connections is always worth a cup of coffee. I have also learned that this trait is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to leading a company. Since I am not afraid to say no, I don't mind hearing other people's makes sure I am not missing anything and personally, it is the way I like to get treated (not that many people do but I gotta do my part)
  4. Finish up our $2 million transaction for my "entrepreneurial" client. We should get it approved for this week. This has been dragging way too long. This is a nice chunck of cash that I can plow back into my new venture.

Also need to kick this infection


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