Monday, June 13, 2005

The Stretch..............

it isn't what you do before exercising.

Rather, it is what gets done to you by your large customers. Basically the scenario goes like this:

1. A large customer give you a temporary purchase order, in order to get you to go out and get the product.
2. They manage to stall getting you set up on their supplier system and giving you a vendor number. Someone is always out of the office or something like that. Keep in mind you have already bought the goods and are now sitting with them, and paying for the inventory financing.
3. They stall some more (see point 2)
4. The customer tells you that you need to get an EDI system set up, another good stall for a few weeks (you sweating yet?)
5. Finally the customer give you the vendor number, 2 months after placing the PO, so you ship the product.
6. Now you sit and wait 60 days to get paid.

And that ladies and gents is how you do the Stretch.


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