Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sales Calls (Watch out our you will get my foot in your ass!)

Just got a sales call from some sales guy looking to speak with the "owner" of our company. I told him that the "owner" wasn't in. I could tell that this was a typical sales call that already turned me off.

It was at this point, he asked me who the "owner" was. I told him that he should do a little bit of homework and find out the name of the owner before calling or else risk looking like a half assed sales person.

Why would I buy anything from a company that can't be bothered to learn a little thing like a name? Or at least come up with something better than, hi can I speak with the owner?

The salesperson spent a few minutes defending himself, saying they were too busy to find out names of owners from other sources, like the newspaper and business directories.

After I hung up on the guy and swore at him for wasting valuable time, my partner asked me why I did that?

My response was that I will sit and chat with anyone who shows at least a little bit of interest in finding out who I am (I did that on Monday with a sales person who called my office and asked for a meeting. I even sprung for the coffee). But if you show me something half assed...........you will get it........in the ass!


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