Sunday, June 19, 2005

Oh, Canada? (Knock, Knock, balls are you home?)

In the words of the immortal George Bell of the Toronto Blue Jays......................."Kiss my purple ass!"

So back on April 25th, Air Canada puts out a press release about $6 billion airplane purchase from Boeing, 32 777's and 787's. Even posts it on the corporate web site

On Saturday (Yes, Saturday) June 18th, Air Canada puts out a press release canceling the order due to the fact that the tentative agreement with the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) on costs and other issues relating to the Boeing order has been rejected by the union membership.

Besides putting this release out on a Saturday night (ya, maybe the vote came down on a Saturday, I really can't prove or disprove this), I don't recall seeing any of this union requirement stuff in the original press release..............funny how that works isn't it. There was a mention of certain factors and conditions that need to be met, but nothing on union ratification.

Subesequent to the April 25th release there were a few press relseases about the union involvement with this deal, but not in the first one.........trying to slip one by?

I wonder if anyone takes Air Canada to task over this. Do any of the stock holders have any balls? Knock, Knock.................balls are you home?


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