Friday, June 10, 2005

Looking for some help (Free Stuff For YOU)

Prescott Thackery, affectionately known as Da'Thack in certain "in" circles (as in "in" my own mind), is looking for some help in doing some pre-release test marketing of our new venture's product, so we are looking to some of our readers for help.

We are looking to get our product out to individuals who fit this profile:

Male or Female
Have a ragin' shoe collection!
Located in Canada or the US

Samples will be sent out free of charge and the names will be kept confidential (no reselling), we will contact the individuals who receive the samples to get feedback on the product Samples will be in distributed in limited numbers and based on our discretion. The exact timing of the distribution is still undetermined, but will be in the near future.

Please email me, , with the relevant names and mailing co-ordinates. If the person has a gender ambiguous name, such as Terry, Kim, Pat, please indicate if they are male or female.

Do not post the names here! I'll say it again, Do not post the names here!. Feel free to get a sample for yourself.


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