Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Little Story About Customer Service

I am not a customer service "evangelist", this may be because I just expect that this is something a business is supposed to deliver - part and parcel of running a company (i.e. It is kinda like corporate executives bragging about their company turning a profit.............duh, you are supposed to turn a profit...........its the goal of the game!)

Boy am I wrong.

My wife and I went to take a look at a house today. The "Open house" ran from 2pm to 4 pm today (Sunday) and my wife and I got to the house around 3:55. Given the way we look at a house, 5 minutes was probably about 3 minutes too long.

Anywho, when we get to the house, there is a sign on the door saying that the agent is only giving private showings (sort of the opposite of an "Open House")and that there is currently one in progress. So my wife and I sit around for the agent to finish the showing.

A few minutes after 4, the door opens, the agent comes out and says that he won't let us in, but would be more than happy to give us his card and spec sheet and "let us" see the house at another time. This is a half million dollar house and keep in mind that it is this agent's job to actually sell this house.

So essentially, this agent potentially lost a sale because he didn't have 5 minutes to spare...........lots of hustle, lots of hustle. I actually considered "outing" him on this site, but it would probably only give him additional links on the net and boost his search engine ranking, so I will control myself !


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