Saturday, June 18, 2005

Is Bigger Better?

Looking at houses for a while. Have a budget set.......

Should I buy a house out in the sticks, even though that is where all the young families are going these days..........big house (3000 sq feet) big lot...................and a bitch of a daily commute to downtown Toronto. Im looking at 1 to 1.5 hours to get up to Bathurst and Highway 7 during the evening rush hour and probably about 45 minutes in the morning..........on a good day.

Or get something half the size, down town, walking distance to the office. It small, but has charm and character.

Quality of life or Quantity of Life? Follow the Pack or Dare to be different (or stupid)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta look at it this way - TAXES, EXPENSES (FUEL or FIXING UP AN OLD HOUSE), SAVINGS.

It's important to SAVE on the deal where you gonna live. If you can save more living in either of the places of choice then go with that choice where you can SAVE. The more you save in your pocket the better the future it will be.

I would go with the Sticks. But thats just my humble opinion. I wouldnt go with a 3000sq feet house...but thats just my preference. I think smaller is more maintainable then anything large. Also living in a good neighbourhood is very important...where you can just chill back after a stressful and fast pace day at work.

When it comes down to it. Make sure you can save on the deal and enjoy it at the same time. Sometimes its better for a longer commute, but atleast you are always looking forward to coming back to a place that you can call home.


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