Thursday, June 30, 2005

I just put my chips on the table (well, I never really took them off)

Got a call from my client's accountant, calling on behalf of the client. This is a good thing, the deal is still in play.

Ah, now it isn't the notification that is a problem, its the fees, specifically my fee (surprise, surprise).

Being a reasonable person it told the accountant that, out of principle, I would not budge on the size of my fee, but I can be flexible on the timing of it. My fee agreement is transparent and in plain english, as is the direction of payment that I have all of my clients execute. The client knew what they were signing

Rather than taking a lump sum, I would be more than happy to have it paid out over time (not a long time mind you, but enough time so that it isn't too painful to the client).

Lets see how it goes. Hopefully everthing I have learned on my past deals, busted or not, has given me some insight into how to handle myself in these situations. Most importantly:

  • Never cave
  • Never let anyone see you get mad


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