Thursday, June 23, 2005

I feel like the girl in high school.............

who had a reputation for being easy.

Guys just think you will put out with out at least buying you's that for politically incorrect!

Let me explain. We deal with lots of businesses that other financing sources feel are undesirable, too small, too young, too inexperience, not enough collateral, so by default we see lots of people who aren't exactly well versed in the ways of finance.

Basically, they think they can call us up, tell us their problems and we will cut them a cheque without jumping through any hoops.

Remember back to school, there was the girl that you were friends with and the girl you were too intimidated to talk to, who you swear you would do anything she asks of you, if she would only talk to you. And when she finally does talk to you, she comes across all nice and sweet, but you keep doing anything she asks, just so she will keep talking to you................I'm that girl!

Play our game, and we will always be there for you!


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