Saturday, June 25, 2005

Discretion Part II (Who is the Video Vixen?)

According to the Globe and Mail, there is a woman seducing Toronto investment bankers, some of whom are married, and video taping them - without their knowledge.

Now there is a rumor that she is going to release the tape...............(maybe your mouth is not the only thing you should keep shut guys!) Discretion is everything baby!

Who is the Video Vixen?
ERIC REGULY and ANDY WILLIS go on the hunt for the woman who has Bay Street on its knees
Saturday, June 25, 2005

Who is she? That's what everyone on Bay Street wants to know. And those who do know are running scared.

Word began spreading in the financial district this week that a woman who has been known to hook up with financial types has been secretly videotaping her romps and is about to go public with the evidence. They won't win any Oscars, but rumour has it the footage could be must-see TV in divorce court.


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