Monday, May 16, 2005

Is blogging the next bubble

I am guilty of engaging in blogging. However, with all the hype about blogging in the corporate world (here's one from Reuters), aren't we getting a tad carried away folks? Here is another one from Vespa looking for evangelist. An evangelist for a scooter.....................have we hit an all time low in our consumerism? Don't evangelists belong in a church or am I just not a hipster anymore?

For more blogging hype, take a look here!


Anonymous John Cass said...

I don't know I think blogging really is a change in communication. Corporate websites are a little stale, you would not go back to a corp site to read the product release updates, well maybe. But I think people do return to blogs to learn about your latest ideas and thought leadership. Kudo's to vespa for their promotional efforts, but in essence they are trying to lead the pack in their industry.

9:20 PM  

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