Friday, April 22, 2005

Toooooooo Much Communication (WAY OFF TOPIC)

Has anyone ever sat back and thought that the recent revolution in telecommunication has encouraged a little bit too much communication between people, to the point where people communicate, not for the sake of conveying information to one another, but simply for the sake of communicating.

I mean so what if I can send an email from my combination watch/phone/camera/PDA while sitting in a cafe drinking a latte. If you really need to send that email, should you really be sitting in a cafe drinking a latte? While I understand that many people find surfing the internet a relaxing and enjoyable endeavors, don't most of us get enough of that crap at work.

I can't even count the number of verbose and pointless emails I have gotten from friends, relatives and acquaintances telling me how wonderful their new house, new pet, vacation, new boyfriend, new mistress or new breasts are (ok, you can tell me all you want about how wonderful your new breasts are). A word to the wise, if it isn't something you would pick up the phone and tell me about, don't send me an email about it, especially a group email!

Otherwise be prepared to get a daily dose of pictures of my kid doing things that I think are cute, but you probably couldn't care less about! I take high resolution digital images so I can clog up your email for a little bit!


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