Saturday, March 19, 2005

I need a haircut.....Sort of.

I have numerous personality deficiencies........I mean idiosyncrasies, one of them is getting my hair cut. While not as paranoid about getting my hair cut as the average female (I'm sexist, so shoot me), I do have this insecurities about haircuts. It is not rational but neither are my other hang ups:
  • i'll only eat cheese if it is melted - even if it is cold;
  • There are only two uses for ketchup - french fries (not home fries) and bacon;
  • I'll only eat a tuna fish sandwich if I make it myself.

My hair cut hang up is rather ironic given that the slang term for taking a loss on a deal is "taking a haircut"

My problem arises from the fact that the guy who used to cut my hair changed salons and they will not tell me where he, if anyone from Toronto reads this and can suggest a good place for a guy to get a haircut, drop me a line. I am not above going to a fru-fru salon, so ladies feel free to contribute.

In a worst case scenario, I may just wait a little longer and shave my head bald for charity.


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